Xbox 360 Video games Annually Review 2008 – Action Video games

Action, Action and again: Action!

One Game topped all the other people in 2008, not just considering the revenue numbers. This is Grand Theft Auto IV, with which Rockstar Games created a masterpiece again. The mother of all open world games, meantime being titled”Sandbox Games”, moved into a brand new degree, after the GTA III Trilogy came to an end with San Andreas years ago. Practically glamorized GTA IV was appointed Action-Game of this Year.

In regards to”Beat’em Ups”, the Xbox 360 is a little less stacked with Action-Games, which mostly are all about shooting the hell out of whatever. But one game made its way into the core of the gamers: Soul Calibur 4. Great timing and responses were of the character here. As a bonus that the Xbox-gamers got Yoda himself as a personality. Perhaps this is why Soul Calibur 4 made position two in the group.

Although none of these came close to the monumental success of GTA, however, considering the number 3 position, you are going to see Saint’s Row 2, with the nice”Koop-Mode”.

But a few people need a bit more from Shooting Games. Just a tiny bit more”Story” and”Plot”, a bit more other components. Early in 2008 a narrative about a Viking got released, heraus, who had to go to war against a overpowering force. Stealth strikes, difficult quests and tasks and huge conflicts led to position three at the”Action-Adventure” class.

A little bit of invention, minimal graphics and a lot of Jumpn’ Run components, known as”Parcour” nowadays, fostered the story about Religion to second position. Of cause we are speaking about Mirror’r Edge, which could win the hearts of the users instead of several Trialn’ Error sequences. And since it also surprised many users using its quality, in addition, it made position two at the”Surprise of The Year” category.

It’s getting scary in the”Action-Adventure of the Year”: Dead Space. If you know the movie”Event Horizon”, you will know to expect Horror of its best kind. Armed with a”Plasma Cutter” you struggle your way through hordes of Tentacle-Aliens, to restore the lost ship Ishimura and to save your girlfriend. Overwatch Elo Boost (the indexing authority) went together and even German players may enjoy the whole”strategic dismembering”.

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