Ingredients of Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Although Urdu Verse is a very elaborate topic that materializes itself in many different types, there are certain basic active ingredients that define every Urdu poem. We will currently take an appearance at exactly how a fundamental Urdu poem is structured and familiarize ourselves with some of its fundamental components.

In Urdu Poetry, a rhyme usually takes the kind of a ghazal. A ghazal is a collection of several couplets, called “ashaar”, that abide by the policies of “bahar”, “radeef”, “matla”, “maqta”, and “qafiya”. Each couplet, or “sher” reveals a single thought as well as could stand alone. To recognize just how the regular Urdu poem is structured, it is vital that you recognize just what each of these 5 terms describe.Image result for Urdu

Bahar. In Urdu Poetry, “bahar” refers to the meter, or length, of a couplet. Each line of a couplet should have the exact same bahar as the other. Furthermore, every solitary couplet in a ghazal should have the same bahar. Urdu Poetry makes use of 19 various kinds of bahar which could be identified right into brief, medium, as well as long meters.

Radeef. Radeef in Urdu Poetry describes the very same word or phrase that is repeated at the end of the second line of every couplet. Bear in mind that the radeef are always the precise, same words for every single ghazal.

Matla. Matla in Urdu Poetry describes the very first couplet in a ghazal. Both lines of a ghazal’s matla must end in the radeef.

Maqta. Typically, poets of Urdu Poetry normally use pen names which are called Takhallus. The takhallus is typically incorporated into the last couplet of the poem as a sort of trademark. The last couplet of a ghazal that consists of the takhallus is called the “maqta”.

Qafiya. The “qafiya” describes the poetry pattern that is utilized right before the radeef at the end of every couplet. The qafiya is needed to the feature of every Urdu rhyme, even when the various other rules are not followed.

Currently that you recognize what each of the 5 terms refer to, we transform our focus to just how they govern an Urdu rhyme’s structure. First, every couplet of a ghazal will certainly have an entirely various theme from all the other couplets in the same ghazal. Second, all the couplets of a ghazal need to have the exact same bahar. Each couplet in a ghazal must also finish in the same radeef as well as use the same qafiya. Every Urdu poem has a matla however some could not have a maqta.

Like with many guidelines, there are also a variety of exceptions:

oThere are some ghazals that do not include radeef.

oSometimes, the ashaar of a ghazal will certainly have the exact same theme.

oModern Urdu Poetry is a lot less restrictive with making use of bahar compared to in the past.

If you are really feeling a little confused, recognize that is definitely typical. It is completely easy to understand if you do not get it the very first time you review it. Take a deep breath an aim to slowly digest the details. It really is a great deal less complicated than you believe

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