Welcome to The Tweed & Area Historical Society

Welcome to the Tweed and Area Historical Society website. We wish to share the rich and colourful heritage of our community. We are currently developing a new plan to achieve just that.
We are fortunate to have Houston House, known as the Tweed and Area Heritage Centre and it's newer addition to house our enviable archives, impressive museum and eclectic art gallery.
Our hope is to build on the extensive infrastructure, resources and expertise of the Tweed and Area Historical Society. We aim to provide programs designed to capture the interest of younger generations and show the relevance of local history to our community. As well we hope to implement improvements to ensure our sustainability. Watch for presentations and high profile projects in the coming months.
Check often for updates to our calendar.

(Photo by Aubrey Johnson)

President's Message

As the elected President of the Tweed & Area Historical Society for 2013, I would like to bid everyone "Welcome". You will notice that I have a favourite expression..."if it isn't fun, why do it?" I try to apply this to things I (we) do in everyday life, but alas, the world is just not built this way.
We shall have to persevere. This year, we look forward to great stuff. Some of the stuffing will involve raising money to upkeep the building; others will be for guest speakers and interesting exhibits. This is also a research facility; many come here to fact find on a wide variety of subjects.

I have been President in past years and have realized that we have on our Board of Directors (and in our volunteers) a number of people loaded with talent and knowledge.
We have been lucky, here at the Heritage Centre and at the Historical Society, to be able to draw from these people whatever is needed to keep this greatly under-rated Tweed institution going. My wife Sylvia and I came to the Tweed area after we retired. When we finally got to meet Evan Morton and see what was involved here, we were amazed. We discovered, as many others have, what a jewel Tweed has. At this point, may I invite you to visit our village and see the Heritage Centre.
Take the tour!

Great Events for 2014

  • Re-enactments
  • Guest Speakers
  • Cemetery Tours
  • Geneology

2014 Exhibits and Art Shows

  1. March/April - Tweed schools
  2. Lottery tickets are on sale now
  3. May - School Arts
  4. May 17 - Garden Art Sale
  5. May 22-24 - 1st. yard sale
  6. May 26 - First lottery draw
  7. June 18 - Guest Speaker on Wed., June 18 will be Aladdin Lamp Authority: Tom Logan. The presentation will be at the Heritage Centre at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are available in advance for $5.00 at the Tweed News and the Heritage Centre, or at the door for $7.00.
  8. June 27, 28, 30 - 2nd. yard sale
  9. July - Local artists
  10. Aug. 20 - Plowing match, Elvis festival, Village events
  11. September - Linda Brindle display
  12. Dale Tucker - Studio Tour September 27/28
  13. Sept. - Nature heritage
  14. Art Show- October 1-11
  15. Military display- October 15-November 15
  16. Oct.14 - 2nd. lottery draw
  17. Terry Sprague- October 15-7:30 p.m.
  18. Oct/Nov. - Military tribute
  19. Nov/Dec. - Christmas craft sale

  20. Winners of the recent 25th Gala Anniversary poster contest pose with Historical Society members George Logan, Roseann Trudeau and Maril Swan

2014 Executive

  • Judy Turner
  • Sylvia Heaysman
  • Betty Lalonde
  • Roseann Trudeau
  • Maril Swan
  • George Logan
  • Aubrey Johnson
  • Sheila-Marie YoumansDonatella

What do the words anchor, angel, animal, consort, curtains, relict, square and compass, and willow tree have in common?
Who were the United Empire Loyalists and what does the designation of UE mean after your name?
What records can you find at the Tweed & Area Historical Society?
Check back here often as the secrets unfurl!

Photos by Aubrey Johnson

Evan Morton receives the Queen's Jubilee Medal

Evan Morton has devoted his life to the preservation of the history of the people and properties of Tweed and surrounding communities. In 1988 Evan was instrumental in the founding of the Tweed and Area Historical Society. Since then he has worked tirelessly for the community at the Tweed and Area Heritage Centre, giving freely of his time and many times at his own expense. He has amassed enviable archives that draw people to our community from far and wide, collected countless artifacts, personally set up galleries in the museum, and devoted more than a full work week each and every week for the past 25 years. Ever modest, Evan would be the first to point out the help of other dedicated volunteers that work along with him. But truth be told, Evan is the main drive behind them and their inspiration. Evan's name is synonymous with the Tweed and Area Heritage Centre, a museum that pays great respect to the Military and the young women and men who have served and continue to serve.

Geschichte ist lebendig in Tweed